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Residential Roofing

Safeguard One of Your Biggest Investments

Your home houses a lot, if not all, of your most important items and family members.

If your roof begins to leak, or is damaged in a storm or accident, you need to repair it as soon as possible to ensure the safety of everyone, and everything, in your home.

Instead of hiring an unprofessional, inexperienced roofing team, work with Pro Roofing of KC. We have nearly a decade of roofing experience and can repair and replace various types of residential roofs.

When we are hired to repair or replace your roof, you can benefit from:

  • Photos of any problems
  • Us filling and crowning all pitch pans
  • Our thorough walk-through inspections
  • Our thorough checklist-based inspection
  • The inspection and evaluation of your current roof and gutters
  • Our team removing any debris from your roof and drainage system

We also offer customized roofing maintenance programs to prolong the life of your new or repaired roof.

Our team understands how busy you are, and works with your schedule so you don’t have to stress about replacing or repairing your roof.

To obtain a complimentary roof inspection, call our Pro roof repair professionals at (816) 429-ROOF(7663).